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Today I browsed around a little, and saw that my boy Paul Melancon
will be opening for the Indigo Girls in November! Good for him. Whilst
browsing around their site, I found this article by Amy Ray debunking the
notion that lesbians currently control folk music
. It makes for
interesting reading.

What if a few mediocre, straight, male rock bands were used to
epitomize a whole scene? Would we blame Pearl Jam for creating a
limited genre and encouraging bad musicianship in others? All one has
to do is flip through commercial radio channels to see that mediocrity
in every form but gay is being sliced, diced, and marketed to us all
in the name of advertising dollars. This rampant mediocrity is a
symptom of a corporate music empire that encourages segregation of
audiences for reasons of profit rather than community.

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