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The grunge seems to have moved from my nose to my chest. I’ve been
hacking like a 3 pack a day smoker the last few days. Yesterday I was
super low energy, today I’m merely low energy.

Music TopicI’m listening to the
WREK archives from Monday, because there is this great song that was
played then. It’s by a band called Go Back To Europe which is notable
in that two WREK music directors are in the group. Again, no website
for them (what is it with all these bands that in 2002 don’t have
websites? Isn’t it de rigeur, especially for Georgia Tech bands?) I do
believe I might have to go see these guys live. The song is available
until October 9th at 4 PM, when this archive becomes something
new. It’s the second song in that half-hour, about three minutes in. I
really like it. Because of my building all this functionality for the
music directors, I’ve gotten to know some of them, particularly Alex the
guy who is current acting program director.

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