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This was an excellent baseball day in our household. First, my boys
rocked the Giants 10-2 with excellent pitching by Maddux and
Remlinger. Then, the Angels sent the Yankees home. Yeah! After the
Braves game was over, our Fox affiliate switched to the Angels-Yankees
game. It was 10 minutes until 8 and the top of the 9th innning so I
was hoping to see the game end before we switched over to Trading
Spaces. I was not disappointed. At three minutes till 8, the Angels
closed it out and started celebrating. I hadn’t quite gotten what I
was after, so we stuck on the channel until we saw some pictures of
some unhappy Yankees. Jeter and Torre and Williams with that look on
their face – priceless. I’m quite happy. I’d like to see the Braves
close it out tomorrow but if they don’t I’ll go to the game Tuesday.

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