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Five anxious hours until game 4. We’re going out to do some shopping
and errands and see a movie, Sweet Home Alabama. When we get back, I
hope to see my boys shut down Barry Bonds for the umpteenth time in
the last 12 years.

I got a catalog the other day for Discmakers. It is all
for mid to high volume CD/DVD duplication. I have no legitimate reason
in the world to want any of this stuff, but I do. These machines in
which you stack blank CDs on one spindle, set it running and duplicate
CDs with the labels printed on show up on the other – they excite
me. Some just copy, some just print, some do it all with robotic arms
that move the discs from place to place. Wow! People keep asking me
about making radio shows available on CD (not enough to think there’s
a slam dunk business in it, like three or four a year) and that would
be a cool way to do it. Keep a couple of every show in inventory, and
when more are needed, fire up the robot and make a few more CDs. I’ve
really been wracking my brain trying to come up with a side business
where I could justify buying one of these things (or leasing). They are just so cool!

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