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Missed a few days of the weblog. Que sera.

Saturday a WREK buddy and myself went to Little Five Points to eat,
drink and record shop. We went to Criminal Records (note the domain
name, they got in on this early). I was there to get the CD by Masters
of Reality, Welcome to the Western Lodge. They didn’t
have it or any of the other CDs I was looking for, so I was a little
bummed. As I dug through the sale CDs as I usually do, I noticed that
the CD I wanted was in there, priced at $2.50. That was an unusally
good score for me.

Music TopicIn that vein, today’s band of the day is the above mentioned
Masters of Reality. I
really have been enjoying this on the radio. It sounds like a cross
between stoner jam rock and early 70’s British glam. The first song I
ever heard from it, “Why the Fly?” I truly thought it was a David
Bowie song that got cut from the Ziggy Stardust
sessions. They’ve got MP3s up there on a download
. Dave says “check it out!”

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