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So yesterday afternoon I was picking up my wife at the Atlanta
airport. As we entered the baggage claim, I noticed a limo driver
holding up a sign that said “T. Pennington.” With unusually heads up
play on my part, I pointed this out to my wife. Ty Pennington, one of
the carpenters on Trading Spaces, is supposed to live in
Atlanta. “It’s probably someone else” she said. “How many Penningtons
have you ever heard of?” I countered. After a few minutes, sure
enough, Ty walks over to the driver. As we got our luggage, I kept
asking if she wanted to go talk to him. She was nervous, but it seemed
silly to me to be that close and not at least say hi. We walked by,
and she said a demure “We love Trading Spaces!” I told him that the
furniture they build is the best part of the show and they he should
go into the furniture building business. He responded with “I’m
already doing that, it’s called FU.” At this point, I thought the
conversation was over, until he added “… Furniture Unlimited.” He
was really goofy, just like he is on TV. He also said I should check
out his site at,
which I did. He’s goofy on the website too, but personable.

That leaves my celebrity sightings at Hartsfield count at 3:
– Ty
– Riding next to Hulk Hogan on the tram
– Sitting next to Stacy Jones, lead singer of American Hi-Fi on an
Atlanta to Portland flight.

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