PDX and the train kept a rollin’

The Max train from downtown to PDX airport really rocks. For $1.55,
you get from downtown to the airport in 35 minutes. Beats the $18 I
used to pay for cab or shuttle, in roughly the same time period. We
didn’t get a car, buying Tri-met day passes each day. We spent $16
that way, plus $3.10 for the final ride. Total transportation cost
under $20, which is less than the daily parking fee. It would have been $80+ to
rent a car, and we did everything we wanted to except eat at Abhiruchi
in Beaverton. It’s hard to explain to folks in Atlanta how it alters a
life when your city has a good solid, functional transit
system. Atlantans could give a shit. The farther they drive a single
occupancy SUV, the happier they are. Commute 40 miles alone in a gas
guzzler? Shit yeah, couldn’t be better. My quality of life seems to
improve the longer I go without driving a car. Telecommuting was nice,
working an express bus ride away from my house was nice. Working a 10
minute walk from my apartment was better still (for the short six
weeks I lived like that.) I really might do better living in Manhattan
or Boston or some other place with a dense city core and great
transport systems.

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