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I just had the eBooks panel, which was at best a cluster fuck. Oh
well. There were multiple shouting matches (I was involved in zero of
them, other than asking people to stop), numerous political agendas on
display (I made sure to say when I presented mine “Here is my
particular political agenda”), and not a lot of usefulness. I did my
best to stay calm and rational, and at the end several dudes took my
flyers. I always take that as a sign that I sounded worth listening

Much better than that was the conversation I had with Louise Marley
and Louise Owen in the green room afterward (yes, two Louises in the
same conversation.) We talked about books, the Luddite Panel yesterday
(which Ms. Marley attended), Fight Club and other fun stuff. I like
her – she was a great guest when I interviewed her years ago and a
fabulous, classy lady. She is far too classy to be seen slumming with
me, but she appears to be fearless of her reputation.

At a later entry, I’ll give the rundown on the panels so far. I score
them 1-1-1 (one win, one loss, one tie in the game of quality).

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