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That XMas is over fills me with a complete feeling of relief. The day
itself was good, filled with lounging and fun and food and no
obligations to go anywhere or do anything. We watched some of the Trading
Spaces marathon on TLC (or rather, my wife watched while I played on
the computer.) I did research on JDBC->ODBC drivers and otherwise did
that stuff I do, which is fun to me. I’m at work today, but I think
I’m the only developer here. It’s awfully quiet.

There was a Harvey Pekar story in one of the American
comics about him working a snowy day around the
holidays when it was quiet and not busy. I’ve always loved that story
because it really captures something about the workaday world, that
blessed relief you get when things turn out to be easy for a change. I
kind of have that feeling today. There are things to do and I’m doing
them, but there is no stress or commotion, just calm and peace.

I listened to Yoshimi vs The Pink Robots all the way
through again this morning, and I’ve decided it is a brilliant,
fabulous album. Unlike a lot of bands that I like in their youth and
then hate as they get old and sappy and lose their edge (Sting for
one), the Flaming Lips are putting out music that is not as abrasive
as their work of 20 years ago but is just as challenging. At first
listen it sounds light and fluffy, but it actually is complicated and
challenging. They make a few references to Pink Floydian territory and
I think that’s the aptest comparison, that this is more like
Dark side of the Moon than the psycho music of their
first few albums. I like it. Their song “Do You Realize”, which is
what they played on Saturday NIght Live and in that TV commercial, is
a beautiful and touching song. Everything about this record is good.

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