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Well, not six – actually four. Heading out tomorrow for a belated XMas
festivities in Augusta GA and Goldsboro NC. We really don’t much feel
like making this drive, but obligatory it is.

I saved off the MP3s from the WREK Merzbow Marathon and will
preserve this as a document of the madness. I found it very funny that
in the middle of the madness of this noise, they still kept playing
Earth and Sky and the Sports Reports at the appropriate times.

A near-miss present that my wife was going to get me and didn’t was
the James Kochalka cartoon diaries. She ordered them originally from, which
ultimately never shipped them. Today she ordered them from up the road
a few miles in Marietta GA from Top Shelf Comix. I hadn’t
realized until today that today’s strip is always available at
James Kochalka’s website
. As a musician, he is a former Band of the day and I like his art too.

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