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Here’s an entry I’m pasting in:

I’m at my father-in-law’s house between Goldsboro and La Grange NC,
writing an offline entry. Today we did something I wanted to do last
XMas. He has this habit of just driving us around, and last year we
were in Smithfield, 2 blocks from the Ava Gardner Museum and we never
went. This time we did. I was kind of sweating it a little, because I
thought that we might drive 30 minutes and the thing would really
suck. As it turned out, the museum was pretty cool! We paid, signed in
and then watched a 15 minute biographical video. After that, we
wandered amongst the displays. There were panels on the wall showing
her at different points in her life, and cases with artifacts like the
family bible and such. Several of her gowns were on display, as well
as 26 portraits by an artists who painted one each year from 1948
until his death in 2001. I firmly believe in taking advantage of cool
local things when you run across them and have regretted for a year
not doing this last time. It was really fun and I’m glad we went.

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