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Today was one of those kinds of bad days, the kind that consists of being
proven correct that all the things you said would go wrong did. There
is no comfort in I-told-you-so, and no one admits that you’ve been
right all along. Instead, everyone gets that surprised look on their face, that
kind a dog has when it farts. “Wha? How can this be?” I hate days like
these. Thank god the work portion is over.

Yesterday I wrote full of warm feelings for the open source Civil War
game Civ. Of course, when I actually installed it I couldn’t figure
out what to do with it (after installing both an upgraded Python and
the Pygames package). The part of the documentation that tells you how
to move troops and that sort of thing hasn’t been written yet. Sigh. I
might give them a few months before I look again.

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