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There is some furor in the SpamAssassin developer world
because Network
Associates purchased Deersoft
, the company that did the commercial
arm of SA. I have no idea what this bodes for the future. However, I
did at the same time have a coworker tell me how well CRM114 works for him as a
spam filter. This is a pure Bayesian analysis of the text of messages,
which has a lot less of the overhead of SpamAssassin. It simply trains
a network on the text of messages and then uses that.

CRM114 is actually a programming language, and the stuff that makes up
the filters are very simple scripts in this weird language. The
scripts allow for control via e-mail, such that you can forward a mail
to an address with a command and password in it, and it will act on
that, by whitelisting, blacklisting, or adding the message to the
spam/non-spam neural networks. It’s all quite interesting. Rather than
buying in to all the heavy lifting that SA does, the principle of
CRM114 is that we can analyze the message. Spammers can disguise the
text in ways, but they can’t disguise the message without rendering
the spam ineffective. If they can communicate it to you, the CRM114
filters can learn it.

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