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I’m combining several things: one is my mandate from my wife that I
Must Get Rid of Books! and another is that I’ve been flirting with the
idea of becoming a part-time book dealer. I have several boxes of old
SF paperbacks that I’ve been buying at garage sales and library sales
for the last decade. Rather than wait any more, I set up an account
with ABE Books. I finalized the
application today, with any luck my account will be active by the time
I get home tonight and I can start adding books. I’m going to give it
a while and if I don’t see more in sales than it costs me in
subscription fees in, say, four or five months I’ll probably stop
doing it. For now, it just seems like a fun thing to do. I need to
finish up something I started a while ago, actually, which is to once
and for all solder in the wire that converts my CueCat to
a regular barcode scanner. Once I have that, the program that manages
your ABE book inventory can search by ISBN. Swipe the UPC to get the
ISBN, click a button and the info is there. This will only work on the
books ~20 years old and newer, but it will save time.

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