Old Friends

I’ll admit that moving back to Atlanta wasn’t the highest priority for me. There are a lot of other places that are good to live, cheaper and just plain different. However, by having the history that I do with the place, things happen here that couldn’t happen other places. Yesterday I was driving home and hear a honk and notice that car in the next lane over isn’t pulling forward. I look over, and it is Thomas Peake, an old friend. He at one point was a freelance writer for the Creative Loafing and is now an ad man. Years ago, I worked with him at WREK. He was the general manager under whose auspices I began Reality Break, in fact. I wouldn’t be getting this experience in Research Triangle or it would be much less likely. Fun stuff. It’s nice to remember back when people liked me. I have to treat these folks like they are Faberge eggs – people that remember me fondly are a precious resource and much rarer than the ones who think I’m a bastard.

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