Rage Against Everything

Although I have seen it referenced many times from Doc Searls’ weblog, this weekend is the first time I have read Rageboy’s Weblog. What brought that about is that I bought a copy of his book Gonzo Marketing on tape at BookEars on Friday (in the $0.99 bin – sorry RB). One of the first things I saw was this post about some dumbass kid who didn’t like his daughter’s weblog. All natural to be mad about that and all but the way he expressed that was kind of disturbing to me, especially where he characterizes the kid as a “Z-list blogger” who is “displacing his thinly disguised envy of her ‘A-list’ blogger dad.”

Now come on, seriously. I’m one of many Z-list bloggers – does that mean we should all give up because we aren’t as wondrous as Christopher Locke? Of course not. Isn’t this what blogging is supposed to be about, is giving a voice to everyone? At the point where you start evaluating opinions by the amount of blog juice someone has, you have started a headfirst slide down the slippery slope of the same bullshit power politics that exist everywhere else. Maybe I picked a really bad day to walk in, but having this be the very first thing I saw from his blog really colors my opinion of him and his book. When I hear him reading his text about the power of the democratization of the Net and the conversations that give everyone the power, in the back of my head I’m thinking “until they piss you off, then you pull rank.”

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