Night Vision

Oh dear god, it begins. Rumsfeld has already began making overtures about how Syria is also the enemy since they are supplying the Iraqis with night-vision goggles. However, according to Reuters US general says unaware of Iraqi night-goggle use. Interestingly enough I saw this Reuters story in and see that it has been picked up in Asia, but as yet no US news sources have carried it. Hmmm, that’s a little suspicious. Our leaders in the Bush regime are implicating other countries as enemies on shaky or fabricated evidence and the reportage is only carried outside the country. My hope against hope is that the information age defies all these old school attempts to conceal lies and partial truths. Perhaps these efforts to do Vietnam style massaging of the facts will fail when their are so many alternate sources of information. Then again, look how it has gone so far.

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