Trying out Debian

After a day of work, I’m getting back to business on the Linux box. I was getting too worried that the instability and disk corruptions were going to result in me losing a lot of work, so I put another different hard drive in the box. I didn’t wipe the old one and have it mounted so that I can copy things off of it, but it isn’t doing any serious work anymore. Eventually I might make the entirety of the old hard drive become the /tmp directory or something funky like that.

Since I had to reinstall from scratch I tried something different and went with Debian rather than the Red Hat I typically use. It’s taking a little getting used to, but overall seems fine. The only real issue I’m having is figuring out how to get SpamAssassin and Razor integrated again. Each is on the box and each works by itself, but the SA refuses to recognize that Razor is installed. I do have my spam stuff and my fetchmail and popfile and all that fun stuff up and running. That’s the beauty of redoing a convoluted configuration like I have – redoing takes a fraction of the time of doing it, because you
already know a lot of the gotchas.

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