The road to hell…

Browsing from the below link I found an article about an epublishing scheme gone awry. Basically, a guy offered his book up for free download in PDF format and then realized after he had moved 16 Gigs worth of data that he was paying incrementally for that bandwidth. It is really more of an issue of resource allocation and planning. I have a similar plan on my Hurricane Electric account – if I ever got close to exceeding the bandwidth of my service level I’d do much better to convert to a higher level. It costs an extra $10 to up your account to one with double the bandwidth but $1 every 100M or
something like that to go over. The moral of the story is to not offer large downloads (his was 23 M) if you are on the hook for the bandwidth. Put it on a P2P system and announce that on your webpage ifyou’re trying to give that away.

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