War Drums

Here is a collection of war and/or political stuff that I have mailed to myself as interesting from reading in one newsgroup or another.

Mark Bourne posted this link on SFF.net with the comment “It’s scary when the Onion is the most forthright reporting in the country” and a link to this piece, I should not be allowed to say the following things about America.

Elsewhere on SFF.net and DM.net, the ever insightful and concise Joe Haldeman pointed out something similar with his comment “Our local newspaper’s editorial page was particularly brainless yesterday, featuring letters calling peace demonstrators Communist dupes and traitors. (Today the letters are all on the other side.) We’re traitors because our actions demoralize the troops in Iraq. They must be made of more delicate stuff than we were in Vietnam.”

Lois Tilton posts a link to an article in Ha’aretz about the neoconservatives and the origins of the present war.

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