My New Old Macinstosh

As if reinstalling and getting a brand new image of a new Linux distro wasn’t enough for one month, I now have a new old Macintosh, a Blue and White G3 running OS X. I’m really digging it. I spent a full 6 years using my Performa 6400, about which I feel pretty good. I guess I’ll be moving the important stuff over and then carrying forward. My current Eudora mailbox has e-mails I migrated over from my original Mac, an LC II, so the saga continues on a third box. I’m doing pretty good about not thrashing, this only being my third Mac in the last 11 years. The box is sitting on my desk (I bought it from a coworker) and it is very hard to actually do my nominal work, when I’d much rather
be playing with the Mac.

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