New Mac Setup

It is dismal and rainy in Atlanta today, but at least it is keeping the pollen at bay. I’m beginning to get serious with the G3 Mac. I’m importing the mail from Eudora on the old box to the, I set up the Palm/iSync/iCal conduit business, got MT-Newswatcher all set up. The last was a surprise how easy it was. I ftp’d my Newswatcher files over, opened them on the new box and it went straight to setting up the news server and connecting. Only on the ones where I needed username and password did it require anything more from me. Even better, I was able to migrate my filters as well. That’s a little bit of the downer from moving away from Eudora. I’ve got a fair amount of effort investing in those filters. Someone needs to come up with an abstract way of representing mail filters, say in XML, that all mail programs read from and write to. That way you could easily export your filters to your friends, regardless what mail client they use. Good idea, huh?

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