OS X and Java

No more arguments, here is an entry about fun stuff. First, I saw a reference to something interesting, BlogPluck an RSS aggregator that converts blogs to Plucker format for handheld reading. It is also packaged as a Java webstart application, which I have never used. It needs a Java 1.4.1 install. Because I want my new old Mac to become my main syncing box, I wanted to upgrade Java on there. As I sat down at the computer, there was a window open from “System Updater” telling me which of my programs have updates available. Java is one, as it tells me 1.4.1 is what it wants to upgrade to. That’s why I was walking to the computer! I like it. I’ve only been using OS X for 4 days now, but I am thrilled with it. What is there to say but “Right on!”

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