Brain Gender

Have I really not made an entry in two days? My wife is out of town, which always makes everything topsy turvy. Routines are gone and nothing seems quite right. After raging storms Friday that put our power out for hours and hours, this weekend has been beautiful weatherwise. I need to shortly get out and trim some trees and bushes and then turn my borrowed pressure washer on the front porch.

I read about these
tests for “brain gender”
on Teresa Nielsen-Hayden’s blog Making Light. I took both tests and scored a 43 on the Systemizing Quotient (male average 30, female average
24). I’m actually in the Asperger’s range, as they put it. On the empathy quotient, I scored 33, the bottom of the range for average (male average 42, female average 47). I found both of these answers kind of perplexing because as I took the test I thought I could tell the obvious high scoring questions and didn’t feel like I was giving non-empathic or highly propellorhead answers. Oh well, there’s a little insight into me. Maybe that’s why I’m a software developer – I am good at systemizing and bad at dealing with people.

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