Taking a Flyer on the Dixie Chicks

I believe at lunch today I’m going to go buy the newest Dixie Chicks album, for the equal and opposite reason that folks are burning them. Not only do I flatly and unequivocally agree with the statement that got Natalie Maines in trouble, but I think the reaction to it has been horseshit. I can smell the misogyny in it, the unspoken but palpable feeling that this “dumb pretty woman should keep her mouth shut.” If Johnny Cash said the exact same words at the exact same concert, this wouldn’t be the reaction. I really wish that the fake apology was the real one, as the fake apology is much truer. It also notes that the same people who spent 8 years attacking President Clinton on all manner of his character in really harsh ways are the ones who think Maines’ very mild comment is so heinous. What a bunch of hypocrite right wing jackoffs.

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