Gentrify Me

My wife was briefly in town and then gone again. I remain a sad lonely son of a bitch. When I picked her up at the airport yesterday, I could see that traffic was backed up for miles coming north up I-75/85, so we took the back route home from the airport. Surprisingly, it only took about 20 or 25 minutes from Hartsfield to our house without
touching an interstate. I ended up going through Hapeville, East Point and West End – all the places I went frequently working as an ice man in the 80’s. I made one or two wrong turns but I caught them instantly.

I was a little surprised how nice the area of East Point around the Marta station has become. I’m guessing that it is getting hip and bohemian for the number one place anywhere does – it is cheap. Once somewhere gets hip, the people that make it hip get priced out and on it goes. I was idly speculating as we drove through as to how cynically one could manipulate the process. Buy up cheap land in a roguey part of town, open a cool club, get cool people to hang out, open late night coffee shops and art galleries, and then when the land value goes up, cash out. The trick would be making the cool things
actually cool, rather than that narc-like psuedo-hipster nonsense you usually get when someone with the money attempts such a thing. The other big downer is that if you had the capital to do all this, why would you be doing all this? There are lower risk ways to make money.

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