Gentle Readers

Music TopicThey’ve been a band of the day before, and they are again!
They are Gentle Readers and
they are back in because I’ve been listening to their music
obsessively the last few days. They make me feel better on these
universally lousy days lately. Hearing
Susan Fitzsimmons’ voice in my ears gives me the temporary illusion
that someone sympathetic is here that cares. Of all the musicians I’ve
chatted with or e-mailed lately (and I’m a fanboy, so this list includes Amy Ray, Emily
Saliers, Josh Joplin, Sonia Tetlow, Tift Merrit, Michelle Malone, Paul
Melancon), Susan is the one I most wish I could buy dinner and talk to
for a while. I briefly met her buying CDs at the Susie French
Connection show and wished I could have talked to her longer. She’s
missed her calling (one of them at least) as a therapist – I suspect
that she’s someone that people naturally open up to. Anyway, I love
their music and they are much closer to the mainstream than a lot of
my picks on here. They wouldn’t be out of place between the Eagles and
Steely Dan on commercial radio, they just aren’t there.

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