Diminishing Returns

I’ve been meaning to write a post about things I once was
fanatically devoted to and have slowly (or quickly) drifted away
from. This notion started from a discussion on DM.net about the new
Tori Amos album. I once was a huge fan, buying all albums on the day
they went on sale, pulling an intrastate Ticketmaster scam to get 2nd
row tickets for her show in Pensacola once, that sort of thing. I
bought her album From Venus and Back which was
completely forgettable and I haven’t even bought the last few or seen
her in concert for 5 years. Keeping that in mind, here’s a list of
people, things, shows, etc that I once was a fanatic about and now I
no longer care much about.

Tori Amos. As above.

Harlan Ellison. He was once my favorite writer, I slavered over every
word he put to paper, fiction, non-fiction, I didn’t care. It’s been
many years since I’ve read a story of his I found even satisfying,
probably since “The Man Who Rowed Christopher Columbus Ashore.” His
focus on 300 word zinger stories has really turned me off and I just
don’t care that much about what he writes anymore.

The West Wing. I came in late, right at the beginning of the second
season. I was a big fan for seasons 2 and 3 and now I’ve stopped
watching it. Once Rob Lowe left and the horrible Will Bailey character
arrived, it became horrible and hasn’t recovered.

Comic Books. I used to be a huge fan and I still hang on, going to the
shops every so often and picking up stuff that looks interesting. I’m
still reading Love and Rockets and the related series. I’m thinking
about picking up a trade or two, like Stray Bullets or other ones I’ve
heard good things about. However, I now find the 32 page pamphlets to
be a huge pain in the ass, too expensive for the content and just a
drag to keep up with. Give me a solid 200 page book that has a whole
arc and lets be done with it.

Crow Movies. I loved the first one, really like the second one, and
have found subsequent ones really really bad. Crow:
despite having Kirsten Dunst, Fred Ward and
other decent actors was basically unwatchable. The DVD had a
commentary track and I listened to it, wondering if they know they had
put out a bad movie. They seemed to think it was great and I thought
it was intolerable.

More stuff as I think of it.

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