I hate that I spend all my time learning new programming languages and
new tools. I have to actively suppress my desire to run off and start
something new without ever finishing anything. At work I’ve been
getting up to speed on Eclipse
and I like it the most of any Java IDE since I used CodeWarrior 6
years ago. Today I ran across EasyStruts, an Eclipse
plugin that simplifies that creating of a struts application. If I can
figure out the Tomcat plugin that embeds a running Tomcat instance
inside Eclipse, I can really efficiently develop the whole thing right
there and then deploy it when I’m done. The problem with this is that
I’m new to Eclipse, new to Struts and new to EasyStruts. I’m worried
that this is prelude to a wheel spin. If it works and is as efficient
as the hype, then I’ll really have something though.

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