Downes Referrer

I added a thing to the bottom of the front page that I saw on someone
else’s weblog – a Javascript based link tracker. Since I don’t get that much
traffic, the only thing on there now is Google. An interesting side
effect of this is that I was curious exactly how many people and who
are linking here. As I looked at the logs (which of course, dork I am
I archive) I noticed several weblogs that I’ve never heard of before –
M. Wallish’s fragments
and Kenneth Hunt’s Tech Observer – that
have this weblog in their side links. Y’all, if you are reading this
and I actually do know you by a handle please don’t have your feelings
hurt. It actually makes me feel good that people that don’t know me
consider this worth linking to. I believe this is the first instance
I’ve noticed where someone linking in that wasn’t already my friend, like my buds Ed and Jonny X. I need to
set up some side links my own self. I just never have done it, other
than the basics I set up the first day I started using Blogmax.

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