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Music TopicBand of the day, but there is a story along with it. Yesterday
while I was on a Sonia Tetlow kick I looked at the site for
Louisiana Jukebox
, a TV show she was on. Somewhere around there, I
saw a reference to this interview with Jen Trynin about her
travails with the major lables in the record business
. From the

It was 1994, the days of Pearl Jam and Nirvana, used corduroys, and
T-shirts with strange logos. It was post-Liz Phair, mid-Courtney
Love, and just shy of Alanis Morissette. After seven long years of
slogging it out in the Boston music scene, I suddenly became the
object of one of the most heated major label bidding wars of the year.
One day I was playing opening slots at local clubs; the next I was
“taking meetings” with the heads of every major label I’d ever heard
of. One minute I was a waitressing-desktop-publisher, dropping knives
and deleting commas; the next I was signed to Warner Bros. Records, on
the radio, on TV, in Rolling Stone, and on the cover of Billboard
magazine. My future was set, they told me. I was about to become a
big star. But that didn’t happen.

From there, I browsed to the
official Jen Trynin website
and listened to the MP3s she has up
there. I liked them alot. I haven’t actually listened to the MP3 of
her radio interview yet, but I’ll do that today. It sounds
fascinating. I’m all over this subject matter. It’s not that different
from what I was talking about with Sonia Wednesday night.

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