From Joe Haldeman’s topic I saw a reference to this
column by Mark Morford

See, there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. No WMDs at
all. Isn’t that great? What’s more: There never
were. Ha-ha-ha. Gotcha!

No warehouses teeming with nuclear warheads, no underground bunkers
packed with vats of boiling biotoxins, no drums of crazy-ass chemical
agents that will melt your skin and turn us all into drooling
flesh-eating zombies — unless, of course, you count the sneering vat
of conservative biotoxin that is, say, Fox News, in which case, hell
yeah baby, we gotcher WMDs right here beeyatch.

Go figure. Those lowly U.N. inspectors were right after all. Who knew?
It was all a ruse. We’ve been sucker-punched and ideologically
molested and patriotically sodomized and hey, what the hell, who cares
anyway, we “liberated” an oppressed people most Americans secretly
loathe and fear and don’t understand in the slightest, even though
that was never the point, or the justification, or the goal. Go team.

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