Palm Zen

I do believe that I finally have all my Plucker stuff how I want
it. Now that BlogPluck has a
command line interface, it too can be run on a cron job. Now around 5
AM every morning, my Mac will faithfully execute my scripts, plucking
the websites I want via Sitescooper and aggregating weblogs and other
data feeds via Blogpluck, and when it’s done it pops them in my
Install box of my Palm Desktop. I need to get back in the habit of
syncing every morning before I leave the house, a habit I’ve gotten
out of in the last month.

I also need to pay my subscription to Vindigo. I used it a while back,
dropped it when it became fee based and have since decided that the
$25 or $30 a year is well worth it. The first time a showing of your
movie sells out or your first choice restaurant is too packed and you
use it to find a good alternate on the fly, it pays for itself.

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