Changing webloggers

OK, I might be in the market to change exactly how it is that I
weblog. I checked out Blosxom and it seems to
have all the characteristics I want in a blogger. If I choose, I can
set it up to statically render the pages but only run the process
inside my internal network at home. It can then chug through and
create the HTML from my blog entries and I then scp the pages to my
hosting service. This is essentially what happens now, except that BlogMax is the thing
chugging the source into HTML. Alternately, since my host gives me
cgi-bin access, I could just run the blosxom process on there and get
the benefit of the cool dynamic features, the good RSS creation,
etc. The thing that is finally putting me off of BlogMax is that the
RSS it creates is lousy. I was a little surprised when I installed
blosxom at home, pointed it to the same directory where I keep my
BlogMax files and it correctly generated a barebones blog with zero
configuration! It knew that *.txt files were the source, and it
figured out the correct things to do. I guess it works on the
timestamp of the file, but I’m impressed enough to consider just
changing over to it. Another advantage of setting it up, either here
or on my host, is that I can use NetNewsWire to push entries to it as
well as editing it via text files on unix box itself. I like having
that flexibility.

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