Back in business

I am now fully set up on blosxom. On top of that, I’ve added nifty extras that this weblog didn’t use to have. For example, you can now leave comments via the writeback mechanism. My friends who lurk, leave me a little message and let me know you are here (and also let me test this out that it is working.)

One super-funky thing that I have been wanting to do is to prepare a page with a link to all my bands of the day that I’ve done since the blog began. That was going to be a fairly big deal, until I realized that I can make it fit completely by using the taxonomy. Now I have a category called “arts/music/bandoftheday” and all of them can be viewed easily by just looking at the whole category. Not everything is categorized yet, but as I slowly move things around this will get more and more correct. Right now I have about 500 entries uncategorized, but I’ll move them in the right place from newest to oldest as I get time. I’ve also added the stuff to show the category tree across the top (like eBay and other places do), so that if you drill into a category you can navigate up to more general ones. There is a big wealth of stuff to play with here, and I suspect that it will be a while before I’m fully exploiting all the value. For now, I like everything about bloscom.

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  1. snelson3 says:

    It’s nice to hear that the “Joy” you mention on the top of your blog page is back in your fingers. Being able to concentrate on one’s geek tendencies tends to help the joy quotient creep back upwards.

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