New Weblog Order

Less than one day into this blosxom stuff, and I’m digging it. One of the issues that I was concerned about what how I was going to deal with the mass of files that existed in the old BlogMax system. I’ve already parsed the old into the new, but what about the Google links into the old files, which were of the form YYMMDD.html for each day’s entries? I solved that by writing a script that for each old file created a Redirect entry in my .htaccess file. Now, automatically, every reference to the old stuff converts to the blosxom system. It all really rocks!

One of the side effects of having the referer stuff going is that I noticed today some hits from I looked, and that was the RegEx Coach site I wrote about a few days ago. As I looked at the page, I realized that my comments were excerpted for the Quotes section at the top of the page. It’s slightly uncool that he used my comments on his page without asking permission, but it’s also quite cool that it is there at all. I also like that it was so easy to find out, with the referer. I like it. Now I think I’ll go shopping for more blosxom plugins. Woohoo.

I’ve got the comments and trackback combined in the writeback module. I’ll have to admit I don’t actually know what trackbacks are, other than that they are on a lot of weblogs.

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