Form and Function

I can already see a difference in how I weblog with this new system, and it is driven entirely by the toolset. The dictum that you do what your tools make easy is certainly holding true. My weblogging was basically freeform up until yesterday, where one entry might cover a range of topics. I’m not going to do that any more, mainly because now the first decision I make when posting is “What category does this belong in?” I have to know, because I have to write a file in that directory. With NetNewswire, the posts it creates via reading a weblog and wanting to blog it yourself look very much like how Boing Boing’s posts look with the link formatting and blockquotes and all. It does affect what I write, how and how I think about it. It’s all very interesting.

The thing I most need now is an easy way to find out if someone has left me a new writeback comment. My friend Shannon was the first (I think – how would I know?). Perhaps a Perl script that runs on a cron job and notifies me if the timestamp on any file in the writeback directory is newer than some time would do the trick. Even better if the mail included URLs to the writeback links.

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