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The work continues in classifying the old posts. I’ve worked my way back to early January. As a consequence, I have to read every post I’ve ever made and I got a little misty when I got around the time that dad died, including my eulogy and associated posts. I made the command decision to lose a few posts, thus far only the ones that were the lists of things from the referer logs. They seemed cute at the time, but they are just big and not of much use and they really freak out the search engines.

I lightened up a little on the taxonomy structure. At first, I tried to think through all the possible categories I might want. I changed that strategy, and instead focused on a few broad ones. I have a “misc” one at the top level. For a while I had “technology/misc” until I thought it through and I realize that any root directory is by definition “misc” since things in it are not in a more specific subdirectory. Now I use the same general algorithm as newsgroups – put things in the root directory until you have a lot of things from a subcategory, and then and only then create it. Thus far it is working, and I have fewer categories that I was originally thinking of. Since there is no real downside in creating them later, do it on demand. I didn’t originally have a “sports” category but I found a few old posts applicable and had a few to make today, so thus it was created.

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