Go Annika!

I haven’t yet posted about this, but Vijay Singh really set off my hypocritometer with his comments about how Annika doesn’t deserve to play in the men’s tour and how he hoped she wouldn’t make the cut. This is strong stuff from a guy whose ethnicity would have also kept him of the tour in living memory. It hasn’t been that long that dusky foreign types were allowed to play in the old boys club, so he of anyone should feel for her. But he doesn’t. It is probably best for him to not play this tournament, because it would just increase the media circus aspect. I do think this photo is quite hilarious.

Here is the hole by hole account of
Annika Sorenstam’s first round at the PGA Colonial
. In general, I could give one good goddamn about anything to do with golf. I care nothing about the Masters, despite having lived in Augusta and having family there. All it meant to me this year was bad traffic leaving town after a visit. However, for this weekend I’m a golf fan and I’m firmly rooting for Team Sorenstam. Go go go!

From [BBC News]

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