Expectation Management

Having now seen The Matrix Reloaded and having read lots of reviews about what a disappointment it is, how slow it is, etc I can say unequivocally that it was exactly what I thought it should be and that I enjoyed the living hell out of it. People described it as “speech fight speech speech fight carchase” and similar stuff. I don’t agree with that, or at least I don’t agree that it was too slow. I believe it was right about the correct level of uptime and downtime. If it had been 140 minutes of chopsocky running up walls and floating side kicks, it would have reached the desensitization point after 20 minutes. The philosphizing that I heard was so annoying didn’t bother me in the least. I guess my experience was one of deciding “Is it as bad as the reviews” while the people who were seeing it at midnight open night had the questions “Is this going to be everything I’ve waited for for 4 years.” I give it two thumbs way up, and will probably see it again.

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