Reclassification blues

I have now classified all the posts as far back as early September of last year. I have around 90-odd left to do. I should have that knocked out by the end of the evening and then never think about this again. I did have to break up some posts that were collections of things so radically different that I wanted them in different categories. Very tedious, edit the file into component parts, touch all of the new files to the original modification time, and then move them where they need to go. Not fun, but it will all be done soon.

I removed the “Blogs I read” section off the side links, since now that I have the blogroll plugin working that’s a better representation anyway. Plus, it has the added advantage of staying current with me as I add and subtract things I read. ssh up the new file and automagically the side links change. Papa likes.

Now that I have the referer stuff going, I see that most of my inbound traffic is actually generated by Ed and Jonny X’s joint blog. These boys must have the juice. Jonny X left me my second ever writeback last night, in response to my reminiscing about smoldering startups of the past. He worked with me at both of the ones mentioned. Ahh good times, except for the good part. They were times.

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