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I have finally finished the reclassification of all the blog posts. Somewhere in the middle I decided to make an arts/sciencefiction and an arts/sciencefiction/conventions so there are probably some posts that got filed elsewhere that could fit. If I run across them I’ll move them. It’s not the most burningly urgent problem I’ve ever faced.

I also note that Kathryn Cramer added me to her side links of SF people, without me explicitly telling her about this weblog. I’m not exactly sure how she found out about it, although this has been in and out of her referral logs since I first linked to her. Since it requires two hits in the last 24 hours, EGC comes and goes from her list based on whether it has hit the minimum lately. Fess up, did someone tell her or did she find it herself? Leave a writeback and tell me the story.

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