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I spent a little time untangling the mess of tables in my template and thus was able to move the calendar off to the right like it used to be. I had a hard time getting it to look the way I wanted, so I lifted the CSS bodily from the Tony’s Dream weblog and edited it from there. Now I’m back to the three column look, links and blogroll and stuff down the left, calendar down the right. If I add any more goofy stuff like a “now playing” or “now reading” list, I’ll add them to the right. Already, if you were to navigate to a day or category without many entries, the amount of stuff in the left column forces the page to be really tall. I did bump the referers list to only show hosts with 2 or more referes, which cut that down by half and makes it less chaotic. Otherwise, every weirdass Google country mirror shows up, or or whatever. I keep saying that I’m done fooling with the template, but then some thing pops up and I fool with it. Such is my prerogative.

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