El manifiesto cyberpunk

On the William Gibson’s he posts about the “cyberpunkness” of Mexico City and references a post on his board by a dude on the ground there. I have long not understood why science fiction is so Nipponophilic. Me personally, I care very little for Japanese or Asian concerns. Anime doesn’t do much for me, and while I will watch the odd Japanese martial arts movie, I can’t say that it matters to me. On the other hand, I have a deep curiousity for Latin America, Mexico in particular and its culture. I want to learn to speak Spanish, something that would actually come in handy and be usable in my day to day life. I’m going to begin buying the reissues of the Santo movies from SantoAndFriends.com. It seems to me like our immediate neighbor to the south is underutilized as culture to mine. I will sometimes sit and watch Mexican soap operas for their melodramatic glory, despite not understanding a word of them. I love the Hispanic punk of Love and Rockets comics. In closing, here is a copy of the Cyberpunk Manifesto in Spanish.

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