Aggregators out the yin-yang

I’ve been using NetNewsWire for about a week as an RSS aggregator and liking it. For about two weeks, I’ve been using BlogPluck to convert blogs via RSS to Plucker format, and then reading them on my Handspring. For a few days, I’ve been using nntp//rss to aggregate RSS feeds and then present them to me as a news feed. This allows me to add my weblog reading to my other NNTP accesses (Usenet,,, and the Baen books forums). Since MT-Newswatcher lets you read from multiple servers simultaneously, I already thread my reading amongst groups. In this way, I order my subscriptions roughly in priority, start reading at the top of all of them and stop when I’m out of time.

Right now I’m kind of in shakedown mode seeing which of these I like. Nothing says I can’t use all three, but it is kind of a pain dealing with things you’ve already read over and over again. Between NetNewsWire and nntp//rss it is a horserace. NNW lets me easily generate posts off of other people’s blog entries. nntp//rss lets me use a program I already use every day to read blogs, just giving me a familiar logical view of a new information source. The main problem I have is deciding which list of blogs is the canonical one. Since all of them can import and export OPML files, any could generate the list. The current blogroll I have was generated from NetNewsWire but that might change. It’s all interesting and fun, but at some point I have to stop playing and get down to business.

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