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I’m going to be giving this game a shakedown one of these days – Uplink: (subtitled “Trust is a weakness”). It is from Ambrosia Games, the purveyors of the highly addictive game Maelstrom (which I dutifully registered a shareware copy of 10 years ago.) This game seems to have the same vibe as Wizard of the Coast’s NetRunner. I can’t tell from the page if this is Mac OS X specific, but it always makes me happy to see Ambrosia coming out with kickass games that are solely for the Mac OS. I need a time wasting fun game like an extra aperature in my skull, but sometimes you need one to relieve the pressure.

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  1. This game wasn’t made by Ambrosia for the Mac.
    It was actually originally made by Introversion software ( for the PC and then ported to the mac.

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