John Gruber in Waferbaby Interview

There’s an interview with John Gruber at Waferbaby. I started reading Daring Fireball because it was a default in NetNewsWire. Here’s an excerpt from the interview on PCs vs Macintosh:

now how could this be, that your typical graphic designer can perceive and appreciate the mac’s advantages, but most pc industry experts can’t? it’s because these guys are a bunch of jerk-offs. if they covered restaurants the way they cover technology, instead of evaluating how the food tastes, or the quality of the ambiance, they’d base their analyses on the chemical composition of the food.

no one claims you’re in a “cult” if you prefer hamburgers from friday’s over those from mcdonald’s, even though there are a lot more mcdonald’s restaurants and their food is cheaper.

[Daring Fireball]

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