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I’ve been super busy, both at work and home, thus few blog entries lately. Part of the business of the business was rewriting a server that had been in Perl, this time in Java. I was able to leverage classes that already existed. In the process, I learned a little about Hibernate, a Java object/relational framework. Although I’ve been using and been happy with Cayenne but I’m thinking that Hibernate might be better. Cayenne requires creating a bunch of Java classes ahead of time that you then interact with and are magically bound to the database. With Hibernate, its even more separated. Both have map files that define the relationship between the object and the DB schema, but Hibernate does not require creating special objects. You tell it that your existing objects have a relationship to the DB, and then away you go. It does the rest for you. I haven’t benchmarked speed, but the Hibernate is definitely easier to use.

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