Fantagraphics needs help

Fantagraphics Comics has a note on the front of their website saying that they need to raise $80K in the next month or risk shutting down. They have a lot of good karma with me just from publishing Love and Rockets for all these years. I’m being forced to retire some t-shirts that are now rags with armholes, and that includes my beloved “Maggie the Mechanic” L&R shirt. Perhaps I’ll buy a replacement. I also have gaps in my run of The Complete Crumb, so I’ll buy the ones I missing and that they have.

A few months ago (was it a year ago already?) Top Shelf Comics had a similar appeal for similar reasons – the bankruptcy of a distributor leaving large checks unpaid – and they made the money they needed in the first few days. Here’s hoping something similar happens with Fantagraphics. If you were thinking about buying any of their stuff, now would be the time to do it.

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2 thoughts on “Fantagraphics needs help”

  1. Shannon says:

    Perhaps its time to finish filling out the Prince Valiant collection…

  2. Dave says:

    I didn’t realize till I read this that Fantagraphics reprinted Prince Valiant! My first thought was “I don’t think you have the right company” until I looked at their web page and saw that you are right as rain. You learn something new every day. I think I’ll buy a L&R shirt, the Complete Crumbs and whatever Love and Rockets comics I don’t already have. I have made a tactical mistake by buying the individual issues for 20 years (!?!? Can I have bought anything for 20 years? Yowza!) I should switch over to the omnibus collections and call it good.

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