Building a C*AN

After conversations about the problem of finding Java classes that fit a particular need, my coworker Darin turned up a site called JPackage that has a fairly comprehensive looking collection of packages. It allows you to search by category, so it makes it easier to find, say, a graphics conversion library. From their our discussion broadened to how cool CPAN is for Perl and why isn’t there a CJAN? Well, a little searching turned up this article on the Zen of Comprehensize Archive Networks. All interesting stuff.

In the broader sense, we talked yesterday about how Java development seems like it has really stepped up the game of the whole field lately. With Ant, JUnit, Eclipse and other productivity enhancements, I feel much more productive in Java now than I ever have been. It is much less work to create code that is of higher average quality when Ant can handle your build and deployment, JUnit has it rigorously unit tested at frequent intervals, and Eclipse allows you to refactor, spot problems and handle common tasks (adding getter/setters) with a click, things just rock.

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  1. I imagine these goodies would have helped a certain fledgling factory UI… Sigh. On the bright side, it is still in use “worldwide”, and I’ve even recently received happy words about it. No extra money, but happy words from users are good. Thought you should know.

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